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Right now, you have the power to say,

"I will not let their story end like this."


Can you adopt through fostering a child?

The initial permanent plan for the children placed through DSS is typically reunification, but could change to another plan, including adoption, if the child is unable to return to their family’s home.  If the child becomes eligible for adoption, foster parents are often considered as adoptive parents. 

What ages are the children who are placed in foster care?

At American Children's Home, we service children and teens from birth to age 21.

Are trainings offered?

American Children's Home offers everything you need to become a foster parent. This includes one-on-one skill building training to help identify strengths and meet the needs of foster families as well as in-service trainings.

Is there compensation?

Foster parents are provided a monthly stipend to reimburse room and board.

Do I have to pay for my foster child's healthcare?

All children receive Medicaid to pay for their mental, dental, and health care needs.

Do I have to pay for day care?

If the foster parents are working or the foster parents or the child has an approved need for care, you may qualify for subsidized child care assistance.

What support does ACH offer to foster parents?

Each family and child has an assigned American Children’s Home social worker who is available for support.  Someone is available on-call for emergency needs after normal work hours.  American Children’s Home provides special events for children and families several times throughout the year.

What resources are available to foster parents?

American Children’s Home partners with county foster and adoptive parent associations, iamJ3, social media and other resources. 

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