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 C A R E   

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The six principles that form the foundation of CARE are:

Developmentally Focused

Family Involved


Competence Centered


Ecologically Oriented

   Children who have lived lives saturated with loss, neglect, rejection, and hardship sometimes express the pain of trauma in self-damaging ways. Since 2010, ACH has followed the CARE model developed by the Residential Child Care Project at Cornell University. The model helps organizations create conditions where children can heal with help from understanding adults. It is a principle-based program model that provides organizations a framework for practice based on a valid theory of how children develop. It motivates children and staff to adhere to routines, structures, and a nurturing environment while minimizing the potential for interpersonal conflict.

   The implementation of these principles to achieve congruence in the best interests of children throughout all levels of ACH is the goal of the CARE model.

Kids Playing Tug of War
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