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My goal is to go beyond basic needs and provide a resource for things that add value to life.  Those extra things that may not be toothpaste or bed sheets, but build self-esteem and an understanding that someone really cares about them. 

-ACH donor

Contact our development office for ways to become involved like:

If you recall being a teenager and all you did wrong you hopefully remember your parents forgiving you and continuing to support you.  Staff at ACH do this continually and support kids as they transition out onto their own.  A couple of years ago, we helped two young men, ages 19 and 18, apply for and get an apartment.  We helped them through the process of getting jobs while continuing their education.  We facilitated them getting some financial support. They should have been financially stable but they made poor choices and eventually it didn't work out.  One of them reached out to us and is with us again and is now nearly 20 years old.  As young adults, many of us had the safety net of our parents and family. 

These kids don’t have that luxury.  

-Stan Price,

Case Manager Supervisor

We're home number 6 for our son. Watching him grow and learn how to give affection on his own is the most rewarding part of being a foster parent. We will continue to be an advocate for him and fight for his needs and wants. This is hard and scary but what would happen if this child was never loved. 

-ACH Foster Parent

Contact our Foster Care Team, for more information on beginning the process of becoming a Foster Parent.